Hamid’s Shop

In LIE MERCHANTS, the humble grocer and Sufi disciple Hamid keeps a low profile on a market street in Kandahar, Afghanistan. On the walls of his shop hang his pictures, works of art, inspired by meditating on specific virtues. As he explains to his young student, the artwork and beautiful calligraphy were excericses given to him and his fellow seekers by their master in an effort to develop a deeper understanding and a more perfect union between heart and mind.

Here, I will try to replicate Hamid’s exercises by choosing graphic images that I feel are representative of the virtues he meditates on, and those found in the pages of the AMERICA FIRST Trilogy. I envisioned Hamid as very wise and introspective with a penetrating mind. I can only hope to scratch the surface of what the real “Hamid” might comprehend. I encourage you to participate in the dialogue, as we can learn much from each other by sharing our diverse experiences in this life.


It is my understanding that these virtues are shared by all seeking people and are at the core of all great religions and spiritual traditions. By practicing these virtues in our lives, and activating them in our relationships, we can more closely tread the right-hand Path and develop a character and personality more befitting the image of God in which we were minted.


It is my belief that the supreme Law of Love is what binds us and the virtues together. From this Law, all others are emanate. In MADE IN CHINA, Tom learns a hard lesson that there is only one law in the holy city of Shamballa, and there is nothing in this world that couldn’t be made better if we would learn to govern ourselves and live by the Law of Love.