Book 3 – America First

YOU…are the Second American Revolution!

America First coverAn assassin’s bullet proves to be the second “shot heard ’round the world” and ignites the Second American Revolution. The cultural threads holding the United States together are quickly unraveling, pitting one American against another in this stunning conclusion to the trilogy.

Tom is once again called on to serve his nation, only at the highest level. He has the opportunity to make great changes, but a covert enemy that has been hiding in plain sight for nearly one hundred years stands in his way.

The money men who have controlled the game for so long find themselves in an unfamiliar position – powerless. Their desperate bid to maintain power, wealth and privilege puts Tom in the crosshairs of a stealthy enemy and threatens the existence of the United States as we know it today.

Marijuana legalization, war on Mexico and high-stakes bond traders on Wall Street combine to create a rich and exciting backdrop that could be happening right now!

If Tom’s battle against greed and evil is to succeed, then he is going to need help. He meets the nation’s guardian who will accept orders only from a leader who is worthy, but can Tom overcome hidden personal demons and enact the reforms needed to free America from her secret masters before it is too late?

The answer lies with a lone Secret Service agent with the insight and intuition to stop a master assassin sent by the Dark Forces. The story’s cresendo is a heart-pounding sniper duel and a surprise ending that shakes the world to its foundation!