Book 2 – Made In China

The Journey Continues, To A Sacred Place…

Made In China coverMADE IN CHINA begins where LIE MERCHANTS left off. In the wake of the terrorist war, Tom Worth is courted as a hero by politicians, business leaders and women. Tempted by power, money and seduction, he stumbles through a world he no longer belongs in. An unknown enemy bent on revenge is gunning for Tom and his family and will stop at nothing to eliminate them.

A chance reunion with an old college buddy leads him into the international oil and gas business. Tom works to get his life and marriage back on track, but an evil wind of change is blowing in from the East. A fearsome Hezbollah operative obsessed with bringing back the hidden imam moves between flashpoints in the Middle East throwing matches on hotspots poised to explode. In Syria, he commits an atrocity so horrific that the international community can no longer simply stand by, which sets into play a series of events putting China and America on a collision course to war.

On a job gone bad in the Gobi Desert, Tom unexpectedly finds himself lost in a mystical city that defies explanation. Is it a Chinese ghost city or the place of legend where the Will of God is known? Here Tom meets his real Self and learns the true meaning of Self government. But, he must leave paradise to correct a grave mistake and retrieve a lost secret. New hope arises in the Middle East and Tom is forced to make an uneasy alliance with his arch-enemy and team-up with Jordanian special forces to stop an audacious terror plot. If he fails, Tom stands to lose his family and the world stands to lose it last, best chance of securing peace.

MADE IN CHINA is a fast-moving, action-packed, bumpy ride taking the reader through the Supermax prison, Colorado, South Texas, Bahrain, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and the Gobi Desert.

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Strap in, Buckle up and hang on! James Viser does it again! Although great as a stand-alone book, Made in China compliments Lie Merchants and picks up were the first one leaves off. He offers up another brilliant, highly entertaining, thought provoking well-written installment in this trilogy.” – TJ Hannom on


“There are the items I love in story telling, great characters, good vs. evil, gifted dramatic moments intertwined with a pulse pounding finish, but then there was something extra. There is depth and compassion and understanding. A sense we are all connected and just as close as a single heartbeat.” – Donald Stilwell, author of OBLIGATION


“Made in China continues the struggle between greed and patriotism, between jihadism and freedom and brings the good and bad guys together again in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. This is where the most inspiring metaphysical action takes place as well as a desperate firefight struggle and he keeps us guessing all along. There is no way we can guess the ending. Stunning surprise!– Robert Constas on