Book 1 – Lie Merchants

It’s Not Just an Action-Thriller, it’s a WARNING!

Lie Merchants coverIn LIE MERCHANTS, Tom Worth is chief of the fast-growing Colorado region of American Home, the nation’s largest real estate brokerage, and his illusion of being a self-made man is about to be shattered. A string of mortgage broker deaths leads FBI agent Susan Black to Tom, as she uncovers a massive fraud at the heart of the Wall Street credit crisis engineered to finance the boldest terrorist strike on American soil since September 11. 

Tom unexpectedly finds himself at the epicenter of a plot driven by key players in the international drug trade, militant Islam and conservative talk radio. After being recruited into a civilian militia, Tom finds himself thrust into a subculture of right-wing extremists, heroes and potential genocide. Only Tom, Susan and a Sufi master stand between America’s enemies, both foreign and domestic, and the disintegration of the United States.

LIE MERCHANTS weaves current events and real places against the backdrop of the Front Range of Colorado, the Middle East, Mexico and the nation’s Capitol. The LIE MERCHANTS storyline takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride from Castle Pines, to Colorado Springs, Denver, Taos, Afghanistan, Dubai, Washington DC, Mazatlan and Zurich.

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Tom Clancy – Move Over. This book contains action, adventure and a higher purpose and not many books nowadays can say the same. This book has my strongest recommendation … READ!– Ed Benjamin, author of HARRY’S WAR


“If you’ve lost a way of life you once believed would never be removed, you may shed a tear or two, and if you believe there is nobility in failure, and sometimes just realizing things have to change, and perhaps you are one of the brave souls who will help change it, then you will see something of yourself in these pages.” – Donald Stilwell, author of OBLIGATION


“He (Tom) senses a sinister undercurrent, but can’t put his finger on it. When his world explodes, he ends up facing enemies from different directions and becoming a leader in fighting both. The action scenes are intense. This story is multifaceted with scenes taking place all over the world. It is not only a story about conflict, but also a story about peace and redemption. I recommend it anyone who wants to read a good story.” – Mike McNeff, author of GOTU – A Robin Marlette Novel


“Lie Merchants is a fun but thought-provoking read with a timely subject manner and well developed characters. It’s especially a fun read for anyone who loves action/adventure books and is familiar with the Denver area, where much of the book’s action takes place. But watch out, if you read this book you’ll start to see its characters all around you…– kpcm on


Hope they make this book into a movie,….loads of action. Great characters.” – BrutSB on


“Excellent. Could be happening now.” –


I hated putting this book down. It was gripping and entertaining.” –