The America First Trilogy

If you choose to invest your time reading The AMERICA FIRST Trilogy, then you will follow the path of Tom Worth. Tom’s character and consciousness expands as the series unfolds. His receptivity to impression from The Brotherhood, a hierarchy of spiritual guardians, saints, masters and disciples, makes him a willing and sometimes unwitting co-worker in the Plan.

Book 1 - Lie MerchantsBook 2 - Made In ChinaBook 3 - America FirstFollowing the Path, however, has its dangers, often at the barrel of a gun, forcing Tom into crises and confrontations with epic bad guys, personal demons, insecurities and temptations. As illusions are ripped away, wrong-headed assumptions are disproved and motives are laid bare, Tom is forced to confront real enemies and his own limitations. No one said that Self government was going to be easy.

There are many talented authors who write action-adventure and political thrillers, and they have influenced my writing and I enjoy their novels. What makes my works different is a unique blend of current events, esoteric concepts, human drama, economics, finance, politics, guns, explosions and conflict. If you are ready for something out of the ordinary that might challenge your sensibilities and even entertain you, then I invite you in.