Unity is such a simple concept, but its practical application in the “real world” of life on Earth seems extraordinarily difficult. It seems we define unity (small ”u”) in terms of political parties, race, ideology, tribe, clan or religion. We naturally like to be around those who are like-minded, but this desire for comfort has actually pulled us apart and resulted in greater polarization along all sorts of human-invented fault lines.

I have found it useful to remember that all of us are on the same Path of return to the Divine source from which we came. We have been born into this world with different talents, skills and abilities and when we cooperate in peace, there is no limit to the problems we can solve. And, since we are travelers on the same Path, no matter what particular temporary ideology or identification we may attach our thinking or emotions to, we are all part of one human family and Children of the same Father. In this we are united.

Through the sacrifice of that which is not our divine Selves, can we elevate our consciousness and come closer to our Father. And, He who has willingly sacrificed all to show us the Path is indeed the King of Kings, and beckons us to follow Him.

If we are all Children of God, then all wars are civil wars. How hard the Dark Forces attempt to deceive, trick and build our egos in an attempt to perpetuate the illusion that we are different and separate from each other!

The beautiful thing about Unity is that there is no end. As our consciousness and identification expands, then so does our sense of one-ness with all that is around us. If we can feel Unity with our countrymen, then we can expand it to our brothers and sisters worldwide. If we can develop a sense of Unity with all humanity, then we can expand that reality to the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms. Once we can identify with all living things and see our role in creation, then we have an opportunity to develop Unity with the cosmos. This is the path of inclusion, which inevitably leads back to the Father.