Truth is truth, right?

In human history, however, we have learned that something might be true today, but not tomorrow. For example, at one time, slavery was considered good, because instead of killing all the women and children of the losing side in war, they were given the opportunity to live. Later, when our conception of what a person really is, a soul and child of God, then slavery became evil. As our consciousness and sense of inclusion expands, we discover new truths that change our culture.

In another example, the current conflicts between science and religion also highlight our conception of the truth. The debate between proponents of creationism and evolution highlights the ideological struggle. Yet, science and religion should not be anathema, for they both seek the Truth. There are brilliant scientists who are men of faith, and in the past men of faith made important scientific discoveries. It may be some day that both fields merge into one.

We used to think that the Earth was flat and the Sun revolved around it. Thanks to Galileo, we learned the truth that the Earth is a sphere and it orbits the small star we call the Sun. Who knows what other revelations science will bring us in the years ahead? Since we don’t know it all and aren’t perfect, let’s let humility rule the day.

Yet all the knowledge of the physical universe is useless, or dangerous, if we lack spiritual wisdom. We have the power to end all life on Earth, and increasingly the possibility seems more likely, as nations seek to acquire nuclear weapons in an effort to gain respect or security. Political leaders worldwide are failing to cooperate and unify the people, bringing us dangerously close to more shooting wars with the potential for disaster.

Being truthful is more than being knowledgable about facts. Another way to look at Truth is being honest with ourselves. Having the power of observation to see ourselves for what we really are, in the absence of vanity or ego. Most of the time, we don’t like what we see! This skill is indeed difficult, but if we can become increasingly more honest with ourselves, then we have no alternative but to be honest with others. And, once we do that, then we become trustworthy.

And, it seems that being honest with ourselves and activating Truth in our relationships is perhaps our greatest challenge at this time. But, the Truth is, we can start improving today and we’ll all be better off for it tomorrow.