The question of what Love is has been at the top of humanity’s discussion list for millenia, so I won’t try to outsmart the many geniuses and teachers that have come before. But, I will make a few observations that might prove useful in terms of relating the various universal virtues to each other.

As articulated in the past by other more worthy writers than me, there are multiple levels of love – starting at the low point of physical desire (eros) up to the divine Love of God (agape). True seekers from all traditions are inextricably linked by their impulse to the Love emanated by the Divine Father, attracting our souls back to the source.

That sounds pretty good, but that definition of Love is still a fairly abstract concept, and not one that necessarily lends itself to action-adventure writing. So, I attempted to demonstrate a more practical application in my book MADE IN CHINA, in which Love was the only law that existed in the holy city of Shamballa. My attempt was to demonstrate how a society might look and feel like if its citizens were truly able to live by this one commandment. If one could ”positively” live by the Law of Love, then there would be no need for ”negative” rules or punishments, because we would necessarily be harmless to each other. That doesn’t mean we wouldn’t argue, debate or have differences of opinion, it simply means we would cooperate to fulfill our individual parts of the Plan.

It is my current understanding that the supreme Law of Love ties all of the other virtues together. For no virtue can be fully manifested in a life unless one thinks, acts and speaks in a Loving way, respectful of the divinity residing in each one of us. In other words, sometimes the way that you say it is indeed as important as what you say.