I chose a symmetrical design to symbolize Justice, because ultimately that is what it means to me. For life to succeed and prosperity to reign, balance must be maintained, which can only occur if Justice prevails. We witness this concept in its raw form in the natural world, emblematic in the destruction of one form so that another may live (big fish eating little fish). Yet, the destruction of form does not destroy the spirit, the life or consciousness that animates the form.

When laws are violated, imbalances are created. Over-concentrations of power, money or desire can result in warped priorities, corruption and unbalanced lives. Justice is the virtue that restores balance by leveling distortions and rending illusions in such a way that does not create a new cycle of revenge.

If the wings of Justice are two, then I perceive them to be forgiveness and sacrificial service. Forgiveness, of those injustices that have been committed against us, and sacrificial service to pay back the injustices we have committed. In that case, then a harmless life is a Just one.