Freedom, given to us by forces beyond our current comprehension, is both a blessing and a mystery. I can’t think of a virtue more misunderstood today than that of Freedom. We rarely discuss the virtue of Freedom with that of its counterpart, responsibility. Deep down, I believe that we know why, but we don’t want to admit it, because it might hurt our business interests, challenge the habits our ego holds so dear or simply find it beyond our will.

However, Freedom without responsibility is license, enabling all manner of self-destruction and exploitation. Freedom with responsibility is harmlessness and the path leading us back to the Father and our true Selves, which I believe is the real meaning of Self Government.

We don’t know why God granted Freedom to humanity, but He did. Perhaps it is because a volunteer army is more motivated than one filled with conscripts. One spiritual warrior is stronger than one hundred slaves to the dark side.

At the highest level (at least the highest level I can contemplate, your vision may exceed mine), true Freedom is to be free from desire, blind urges, jealousy, acquisitiveness, ambition, pain, need, illusion, greed, hate, gluttony, separatism and the howling winds of the material world that so desperately wants to keep the door locked on the prison we have created for ourselves. Indeed, Freedom from these things is to live as a free soul, and a child of the Most High!

To live in the world of men, but not to be of that world or enslaved by it – that is true Freedom indeed, and to live as a Free child of God. And, that is one way to follow the path, to freely choose to sacrifice the lower self with that of the Divine Will, to infuse your talents and skills to bring Him into all of your existence.