5-Star Reviews for MADE IN CHINA!

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MADE IN CHINA, the second book in The AMERICA FIRST Trilogy, is now available! Here is what readers had to say about this new installment in the series:

Strap in, Buckle up and hang on! James Viser does it again! He offers up another brilliant, highly entertaining, thought provoking well-written installment in this trilogy. Enjoy this page-turner that is sure to leave you waiting for the final installment in this trilogy.” – TJ on Amazon.com

“Made in China continues the struggle between greed and patriotism, between jihadism and freedom and brings the good and bad guys together again in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. This is where the most inspiring metaphysical action takes place as well as a desperate firefight struggle and he keeps us guessing all along. There is no way we can guess the ending. Stunning surprise!” – Robert Constas on Amazon.com

“There is depth and compassion and understanding. A sense we are all connected and just as close as a single heartbeat.” – Donald Stilwell, author of OBLIGATION

Thank you for your kind reviews, and providing others a glimpse into my brand of fiction – political and action-adventure thrillers with spirit.