5-Star Reviews for LIE MERCHANTS!

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LIE MERCHANTS, the first book in The AMERICA FIRST Trilogy, has earned a 4.8 out of 5.0 rating on Amazon.com, thanks to your reviews. I am humbled by your response.

I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to the readers who were gracious enough to post their favorable opinion of my first novel, LIE MERCHANTS. Here are two recent comments that readers were kind enough to share with others:

Tom Clancy – Move Over. This book contains action, adventure and a higher purpose and not many books nowadays can say the same. This book has my strongest recommendation … READ!– Ed Benjamin, author of HARRY’S WAR

Gets your attention with the first chapter…It is very timely – would make a great movie.”

Masterful page-turner…INTRIGUE, SHOCK was a thrilling read. Well done for this first time author!” – Judith Price, author of SUDDEN DECEPTION

I hated putting this book down. It was gripping and entertaining.”

Hope they make this book into a movie,….loads of action. Great characters.” – BrutSB on Barnesandnoble.com

“Excellent. Could be happening now.” – Barnesandnoble.com

I hated putting this book down. It was gripping and entertaining.” – Barnesandnoble.com

“If you’ve lost a way of life you once believed would never be removed, you may shed a tear or two, and if you believe there is nobility in failure, and sometimes just realizing things have to change, and perhaps you are one of the brave souls who will help change it, then you will see something of yourself in these pages.” – Donald Stilwell, author of OBLIGATION

“He (Tom) senses a sinister undercurrent, but can’t put his finger on it. When his world explodes, he ends up facing enemies from different directions and becoming a leader in fighting both. The action scenes are intense. This story is multifaceted with scenes taking place all over the world. It is not only a story about conflict, but also a story about peace and redemption. I recommend it anyone who wants to read a good story.” – Mike McNeff, author of GOTU – A Robin Marlette Novel

I am humbled by your feedback, you are who I write for.

Thank you.

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