Everything is Awesome! – What We Learned From Democrats at the 2016 DNC

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The 2016 Democrat National Convention is coming to an end, and that party made history by nominating a woman as their standard bearer and heir apparent to the legacy of the Obama presidency. As we know, however, appearances can be deceiving and despite the history making, the DNC has been plagued from the start with scandal, division and controversy. We learned a lot about Democrats this week, and I have summarized some of the key findings.

Economic unicorns and rainbows. We learned that Democrats apparently have forgotten that prosperity, jobs and opportunity in America come from the private sector. There was precious little, if any, discussion on how to help American business and labor become more competitive in the global economy. Instead, the Democrats turned to the tired, old and ineffective policies of raising the minimum wage for unskilled jobs that were never intended to pay a living wage to the head of a household, and making sure the oligarchs who became fabulously wealthy thanks in large part to the economic and trade policies of Bill Clinton pay their “fair share,” whatever that means.

One thing we learned from Democrats is that global warming, er, climate change dogma, has so infected that party that our own governor John Hickenlooper got shouted down by anti-fracking extremists at a DNC event. Folks, until the physics of renewable energy make solar and wind power as cost effective and efficient as natural gas and petroleum, America can’t afford to surrender its economic and energy security in what has become a more dangerous world over the past eight years.



Bill Clinton signs into law the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act in 1999, effectively repealing the Glass-Steagall Act and setting the stage for the era of “Too Big To Fail” and the global credit crisis.

DNC exposed and the new “Red Scare.” Democrats seem to have a problem with emails and cyber security. In the wake of Hillary Clinton’s home brew email server scandal and despite warnings, the DNC’s servers were hacked. The cyber bandits collected a treasure trove of emails and posted them to Wikileaks, exposing the dark side of the Democrat Party. As it turned out, the emails proved true what Bernie Sanders and others have been saying for months about DNC favoritism.

Florida Congresswoman and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (DWS) was the first victim of the email revelations. DWS had to resign in disgrace after it became clear she and other senior Democrats had been actively working against the Bernie Sanders campaign. You see, the DNC is supposed to be neutral, but the long arms of the Clinton political octopus reached deep into the party apparatus to ensure a Hillary nomination. Sanders was right, the election was rigged, but don’t cry for Debbie. Only minutes after DWS stood down, Hillary rewarded her loyalty with a top job at the Clinton campaign.

Who’s racist now? We also learned that top Democrats are apparently just as racist, bigoted and Machiavellian as they claim Republicans are. Leaked DNC emails included racist comments about Hispanics (“Taco Bowl Engagement”) and showed that party insiders considered using Bernie Sanders’ Jewish faith (or atheism, they couldn’t make up their minds) against him in southern primaries. These revelations of hypocrisy combined with nominating what is probably the most corrupt candidate in history, destroyed any possibility of Democrats claiming moral superiority in the race against the bombastic Trump.

Democrats fantastically tried to pin the blame for the security breach on hackers directed by Russian president Vladimir Putin, who they claim is in league with Trump, but it didn’t seem to matter. The offending emails were out and it drove a deep division between Hillary and Sanders supporters at exactly the wrong moment. Feeble attempts to connect Trump to Russia fell largely on deaf ears, because it is hard to believe that Putin can’t get whatever he wants from Hillary with the knowledge that Russians funneled millions to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for rights on American uranium used to make nuclear weapons.


DNC Chair Wasserman-Schultz resigns amid revelations she and the party actively worked against Bernie Sanders. Hillary promptly rewarded Debbie by hiring her as a campaign chair.

Dumb and deaf on the debt. Democrats had nothing to say about reducing government spending or the national debt. Enough said.

Moms matter, but not all moms. The mother of Michael Brown, the young black man who robbed a convenience store and then assaulted a police officer in an attempt to steal his gun, was a featured speaker Wednesday evening. It is a tragedy when anyone loses their life in an angry confrontation, especially with law enforcement, but Brown’s death was the inspiration for the false narrative of “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” to symbolize police brutality against black people.

In the wake of the assassinations of eight police officers in two American cities just over a week ago, and the ongoing campaign of violence against law enforcement, the absence of any widows, children and mothers of fallen police officers was painfully obvious. That President Obama has yet to light the White House blue to commemorate fallen police officers after casting the White House in rainbow colors to celebrate the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling is telling. In this case, the lack of action and words from top Democrats tell America all it needs to know about left-wing priorities and their supposed calls for unity.

Coal Country

Candidate Hillary Clinton tries to “Dem-splain” to a coal miner her party’s plan to put him out of work.

Fireside Chat with Uncle Bill. Bill Clinton proved once again that he is a great public speaker, probably the best political orator of our time (sorry Ted Cruz, Bill is just more down to earth). And Bill put his considerable storytelling skills to effect on Tuesday night when he spun us a tall tale of how Hillary, the defender of the status quo and public servant turned one-per center, is a “change agent” for down on their luck Americans. In one of his late lines Bill told coal miners who were thrown out of work thanks to the Democrat War on Affordable Energy that if she wins, Hillary will be coming back to West Virginia to help them out. Yeah right. Bill’s attempt to rewrite history and rebrand Hillary’s public image that has been created by over 30 years might work for millennials too young to remember her past, but they fell on deaf ears in now cynical coal country. Millennials are Sanders supporters anyway, but apparently no one bothered to tell Bill that.


Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton and then promptly quit the Democrat Party that threw him under the bus.

Sanders got burned. Speaking of Bernie Sanders, he told us a long time ago that the Democrat National Committee was favoring Hillary Clinton, and called out Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the DNC Chair, as being in the tank for Clinton almost from day one. The DNC email leak vindicated Sanders and ignited rage among his supporters, many of which angrily admitted they were going to stay home in November or vote for Republican firebrand Donald Trump.

Despite forcing Hillary to tack hard left as a neo-Socialist in the primaries, Berners have nothing to show for his surprisingly strong campaign. Although Sanders won majorities in several states, including Colorado, Democrat Superdelegates like Ed Perlmutter, Jared Polis and Michael “Beltway” Bennet made sure Hillary walked away with more delegates than the senator from Vermont. Oh, we know that Beltway Bennet was conveniently away when the nominating votes were cast to avoid angering voters back in Colorado, who heavily favored Bernie Sanders, but voters won’t be fooled twice. After all, Beltway Bennet was all but booed off the stage at the Colorado Democrat Convention by Berners.

For his part, Bernie did the right thing for the party and endorsed Hillary, but after playing ball and helping Clinton cinch the nomination, Sanders promptly quit the Democrat Party hat-in-hand with nothing tangible to show for his effort.


The most prominent flags flying at the 2016 DNC were those of the former Communist Soviet Union and Palestine.

Flags? We need some stinkin’ flags! These are the little details that betray a larger mindset. Apparently, no one at the DNC planning committee considered that it probably would be a good idea for one of America’s major political parties to display the flag of the nation they supposedly want to serve. The desperate last minute rush to decorate the stage must have cleaned out every ACE Hardware of American flags within a 10-mile radius, maybe more since it was after the Fourth of July holiday rush. Unfortunately, the most prominent flags flown at the DNC were those of the now defunct Soviet Union and Palestinian Authority.

Gun control resurrection. A procession of speakers came up to the podium Wednesday night to embrace gun control as the solution to criminal behavior, mental illness and militant jihad. Activists, blue city police chiefs (notably, no sheriffs), liberal politicians and Americans affected by gun violence all endorsed Hillary as the candidate who would make America safe by taking guns away from law-abiding Americans. That Hillary wants to resurrect her husband’s ban on so-called “assault weapons,” after which its expiration violent crime declined, demonstrates how far left the Democrats have fallen. If we learned anything, unfortunately, it was that by honoring criminals and promoting false narratives all week and then blaming the NRA and lawful gun owners for the acts of thugs, terrorists and those suffering from untreated mental illness, the Democrats seem to be suffering from a severe case of lack of self-awareness and perhaps self-deception.


Obama tells the Democrat faithful that America is “already great.”

Everything is awesome! In a swipe at Donald Trump, President Obama told the crowd Wednesday night that America was “already great” and was in no need of a “self declared savior.” Obama’s inspirational calls for unity were reminiscent of his 2008 campaign, but today stand in sharp contrast to the reality that most Americans believe the nation is more polarized, more divided and less unified than at any time since the Civil War. Unfortunately, during his two terms Obama led the nation more like the President of the Democrat Party instead of the chief executive of the United States and leader of the free world. The president’s speech may have given far-left Democrats some red tofu to munch on, but it left the rest of America unsatisfied, trying to eat his empty political broth with a plastic fork.

Tonight the Queen accepts her coronation. The playoffs are over, the candidates have been chosen and the general election is about to begin. After a raucous primary season, it is hard to believe that we’re just getting started, folks.