Welcome to the Second American Revolution.
The AMERICA FIRST Trilogy - A Unique Blend of Action, Politics and Spirit.
Book 1 – Lie Merchants

It’s Not Just an Action-Thriller, it’s a WARNING!

Lie Merchants coverIn LIE MERCHANTS, Tom Worth is chief of the fast-growing Colorado region of American Home, the nation’s largest real estate brokerage, and his illusion of being a self-made man is about to be shattered. A string of mortgage broker deaths leads FBI agent Susan Black to Tom, as she uncovers a massive fraud at the heart of the Wall Street credit crisis engineered to finance the boldest terrorist strike on American soil since September 11. 

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Book 2 – Made In China

The Journey Continues, To A Sacred Place…

Made In China coverMADE IN CHINA begins where LIE MERCHANTS left off. In the wake of the terrorist war, Tom Worth is courted as a hero by politicians, business leaders and women. Tempted by power, money and seduction, he stumbles through a world he no longer belongs in. An unknown enemy bent on revenge is gunning for Tom and his family and will stop at nothing to eliminate them.

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Book 3 – America First

YOU…are the Second American Revolution!

America First coverAn assassin’s bullet proves to be the second “shot heard ’round the world” and ignites the Second American Revolution. The cultural threads holding the United States together are quickly unraveling, pitting one American against another in this stunning conclusion to the trilogy.

Tom is once again called on to serve his nation, only at the highest level. He has the opportunity to make great changes, but a covert enemy that has been hiding in plain sight for nearly one hundred years stands in his way.

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